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    Dixie was in her dressing room.  She was looking at her gorgeous wrestling physique as she put on her long sparkling wrestling robe, and left the robe open to show off her body.  She was amazed at how long her career had been in the brutal world of womens professional wrestling.   She remembers the first time she wrestled Betty Niccoli.  Betty hurt her so bad and took so much pleasure in injuring Dixie that Dixie vowed never again to take a beating like that again!!  Someone had left a manila envelope on Dixie’s dressing room desk and she was about to open it.  She opened it and pulled out an old copy of “LADIES PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED” and saw something she never wanted to see again.
    Dixie was shocked at the picture on the front cover.  There was a post-it note on the magazine.  It said, “WE GET TO RELIVE HISTORY!!! LOVE BETTY!!”   The main article was on the top of the magazine.  It had said, “CAN ANYONE STOP THE VICIOUSNESS OF BETTY NICCOLI!!!”   The front cover had Betty smiling as the picture was taken, with her driving a jagged cowbell edge into the forehead of a bloody girl wrestler.  Betty was grinding that cowbell into that forehead as Dixie felt her forehead, a scar left from a match years ago.  There was a picture of Betty Niccoli, a smile on her face as she had her wrestling jacket open, the U.S. Ladies Professional Wrestling championship belt around her waist.   The caption under the picture of Betty and her poor opponent left Dixie worried about tonight’s main event!!   The caption said, “BETTY DRIVES THE COWBELL INTO THE FOREHEAD OF DAZZLING DIXIE DURING THEIR US LADIES TITLE BOUT, FIRST EVER GIRLS BUNKHOUSE BULLROPE MATCH!! BETTY RETAINS THE US LADIES TITLE 2 FALLS OUT OF 3!  DIXIE WAS CARRIED OUT ON A STRETCHER AFTER THIS MATCH!!”
    “I’m going to finally get revenge on that bitch tonight!!” growled Dixie as she slapped the magazine on the counter.  She heard something she still couldn’t get over about when in this career.  She heard the bell ring for the next match, and heard the announcer scream, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS NEXT MATCH IS A CELEBRITY LADIES WORLD TITLE MATCH!!  A HOLLYWOOD HAVOC MATCH IN A STEEL CAGE!!”  The crowd went wild as Dixie grabbed a magazine, she had plenty of time to relax and get ready for her match which was for the Senior Ladies Pro Wrestling World title, and she was going up against the champion, none other than her arch rival, Betty Niccoli!! 
    “Entering the arena area, weighing in at 108 lbs and out of Santa Barbara California, here is Jessica “the Superstar” Simpson!!” yelled the announcer as Dixie watched the monitor as Jessica showed off her gorgeous legs that had been very useful in the world of womens wrestling!  She waved to her cheering fans as she walked up the ring aisle and into the ring.  Dixie looked at a recent Girls Wrestling magazine and had seen that Jessica was now the number one contender for the Celebrity ladies title belt.  She, however, had a mountain to climb to beat the World Champion of the Celebrity division.  “AND HER OPPONENT, FROM LAS VEGAS NEVADA!! WEIGHING IN AT 118 LBS, SHE IS THE CONSUMATE WRESTLING MACHINE AND MENS DREAM GIRL AND WOMENS NIGHTMARE!! HERE IS THE CELEBRITY WOMENS WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPION, PAMELA…THE PUNISHERRRRR…ANNNNNDDDDERRRSONNN!!!”, screamed the announcer as a girl in all white and a white, very form fitting wrestling one piece barely clung to the superb physique that was the celebrity queen of wrestling, Pamela Anderson.  She wore a tiara and a diamond encrusted championship belt that had her picture in the middle of the belt and the word, “CHAMPION” emblazoned around her picture.  The crowd booed their displeasure as Pamela ignored their catcalls.   Dixie had heard that Pamela wanted to learn how to do pro wrestling so her boys could think she was cool.  But she ended up liking the ability to make her opponents suffer and it was just icing on the cake when she won the world title belt in Venice Italy over her arch rival Debbe Dunning!!   Dixie also heard that she was trained by the girl who was to be her opponent that night, Betty Niccoli, so she knew Pamela was trained well in the art of inflicting pain in a wrestling ring.
    The bell rang and Dixie watched how brutal Pamela could be in the wrestling ring.  She was trying to injure Jessica as she was yelled at by the referee.  Dixie was getting very comfortable in her chair and as she saw a picture of Betty Niccoli come up on the screen, pointing out the main event of the evening which was to be Betty Niccoli vs. Dazzling Dixie for the World Senior Ladies title belt, Dixie started to fall asleep.
    Pamela was now doing her dirty work 13 minutes into the match.  Dixie, however, was dozing off in the comfortable leather chair, waiting for the usher to call her to the ring.  She looked up and kept seeing Pamela’s huge mammaries shake as Jessica was now bleeding badly from the foreign object that Pamela was using on her.   Dixie was thinking, “God, I hate that bitch!! After I kick Betty’s butt, I’m going to demand a match with her!!”  Like it was planned, Pamela looked into the camera as Jessica’s forehead was now a mass of crimson, Pamela mouthed and the microphone on the camera picked up “I WISH THIS WAS DIXIE!! I HATE THAT BITCH!! COME ON DIXIE, LOOK WHAT IS WAITING FOR YOU…A PERFECT BEAUTY OF WRESTLING, ME…PAMELA ANDERSON!!”
    This agitated Dixie, but she was now getting very tired.  The next thing she knew, she heard a ring bell.  She opened her eyes to see Pamela’s arms being raised in victory as she had won her Celebrity championship belt match.  Dixie, getting groggy, repeated to herself, “THAT BITCH, THAT BITCH!!”  She then fell asleep and leaned back into the chair. 
    Suddenly, she was kicked, and she woke up quickly.  “GET OUT OF THE WAY ROOKIE, REAL WOMEN OF WRESTLING ARE HERE!!” growled the girl who kicked Dixie’s chair.  She looked up and it  was a very young and tanned, muscular, and beautiful woman in wrestling, Betty Niccoli!! She had a white towel that looked like it was stained with blood. 

    “Too bad that wasn’t you out there baby!! I would have loved to see you bleed too!!  Hahaha!!” laughed Betty as she was joined by her tag team partner for that match, Toni Rose.  Dixie turned on the television, and saw the picture was black and white and there was a stretcher at ringside.  They were putting another girl wrestler on the stretcher. 
    Betty turned to see the tv and smiled and said, “Now that is a good picture.  Little bitch Antone, being carried out on a stretcher!!  She will never beat me.  I just proved it tonight!!  Look at that lovely blood on her face, now that is womens pro wrestling!! Hahahaha!!”
    Dixie quickly got up and went face to face with Betty.  “Who you trying to shove around, Betty?  I can wrestle, and I know I can beat you and take your US title belt” growls Dixie as she and Betty goes nose to nose.  But as Betty starts to speak, Toni Rose goes behind Dixie and drives a fist into the kidneys of Dixie, sending her down to her knees.  Betty smiles as she yells, “Let’s teach this rookie who is in charge here in Championship Ladies Wrestling!!”
    Toni grabs Dixie’s arms and Betty pulls out that foreign object that she used on Jean Antone and grabbing Dixie by the head and grasping a handful of hair, she starts punching the foreign object into the forehead of Dixie!!  Betty smiles as she keeps pounding on that forehead!!  Blood starts to flow as Betty speaks, “YOU a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER?  WELL HONEY, I’M GOING TO TEACH YOU, PROFESSIONAL WOMENS WRESTLING!!”   Betty drives that object 5 more times quickly into that open cut.  Toni Rose, smiling grabs a handful of hair and lifts Dixie up as Betty rears back and drives a thumb into the throat of Dixie, causing Dixie to fall to the floor.  Dixie flops around like a fish out of water as Betty speaks. 
    “You want to wrestle me?  Then, lets wrestle!!  I’ll call my friend Sam, and have him put you and me on ‘Wrestling at the Chase’ and I’ll end your wrestling career on national tv, what do you say?”   Dixie couldn’t speak, as Betty had her wrestling boot on the throat of Dixie’s.  “That must be a yes, then, right?  Hahahaha!” laughs Betty as she gives Dixie a stomp to the throat.  “See you next week, baby.  It will only take a ten minute time limit for me to end your sorry ass wrestling career!!” growls Betty as she walks away.  Toni Rose gives Dixie a kick to the stomach and congratulates Betty on a great evening of ladies wrestling.
    The week went quickly and it was now Saturday night.  The taping was held at the Chase Hotel, a very posh and ritzy hotel in the middle of St. Louis.  Dixie was amazed that they had Professional Wrestling right in the middle of the hotel.   Dixie walked to the ring in her white and red rebel flag one piece and wrestling boots and a leather Confederate flag wrestling jacket.  She got cheers from the crowd as she got into the ring and stretched and waved.  Suddenly, boos were heard as Betty Niccoli walked towards the ring.  She wore her blue one piece and blue wrestling boots, her hair in a bouffant black tower.  She wore her US ladies title belt around her waist as she ignored the fans at ringside.   Betty stared at Dixie and yelled at her, “Ready for some pain!!?”

    The ring announcer came into the ring, and yelled, “WELCOME TO ‘WRESTLING AT THE CHASE’!  OUR FIRST BOUT OF THE EVENING  IS A SPECIAL ATTRACTION, GIRLS MATCH!!  INTRODUCING, FROM  TENNESSEE, WEIGHING IN AT 122 LBS, DAZZLING DIXIE!!”  Dixie waves to the fans and starts to take off her wrestling jacket.  The announcer yells, “AND HER OPPONENT, FROM KANSAS CITY MISSOURI, WEIGHING IN AT 129 LBS, SHE IS THE UNITED STATES LADIES WRESTLING CHAMPION, HERE IS BETTY NICCOLI!!!”  The crowd boos as Betty waves and takes off her championship belt and puts it in the corner with her wrestling jacket.
    The bell rings and Betty comes running at Dixie and traps her in the corner, delivering kicks and punches to Dixie over and over.  She pulls Dixie out of the corner by the hair and tosses her across the ring.   Dixie bounces off the ropes and comes right back at Betty.  Betty Niccoli raises her arm and tries to deliver a knockout clothesline but Dixie ducks under and bounces off the opposite ropes.  Dixie bounces back and drives a forearm to the jaw of Betty!!  Betty falls to the mat and Dixie quickly jumps on top of her and hooks the leg!!  Betty struggles to get free but the referee counts 1...2...3!!  The bell rings and Dixie quickly gets out of the ring as a very upset Betty screams that she was not pinned in the ring!!
    Betty  Niccoli is livid as Dixie high fives the fans outside the ring and leaves to the locker room area.  Betty is now arguing with the referee that Dixie grabbed her wrestling tights, as the announcer screams, “with a roll up cradle, your winner is Dazzling Dixie!!”  Betty storms out of the ring, grabbing her championship belt and jacket and goes to her locker room.
    Dixie changes and goes to her hotel room to watch the rest of “Wrestling at the Chase” and as she turns on the tv she hears a familiar voice.   The wrestling announcer is at his desk as a woman comes up and is very agitated.  It is Betty Niccoli, she is in a suit and holding onto her US ladies title belt.  “Welcome back Betty Niccoli, I understand you want to say something to Dazzling Dixie!!”
    Betty is holding her belt and starts to talk into the microphone.  She was talking in a soft voice and spoke angrily.  “Listen, I’m the best woman in Professional Wrestling!!  I am BETTY NICCOLI!! THE UNITED STATES WOMENS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPION!!!  Dixie, you think what you did here tonight in that ring gets you a title shot against the most beautiful woman in professional wrestling?  Me? Betty Niccoli?  Well, I have a proposition for you, I just hired someone that would love to put you out of professional wrestling as much as I would, but since I am such a great champion in womens wrestling, I would let her do it.  Come on in here honey, lets show Dixie who is the woman who will put Dazzling Dixie out of professional wrestling!!”
    Betty waved for her friend to come to the interview area.  It was Toni Rose!! The most sadistic woman in professional wrestling!!  She was  known as the Queen of the Cage and loved inflicting pain and punishment in and out of the wrestling ring.  Toni Rose, came and shook Betty’s hand and started to speak.  “I will do anything you ask me Betty, as long as the price is right!! Of course, we have talked about it and a “bounty hunter” match is just right for this girl who thinks she wants to be a professional wrestler”
    “Honey, I hope you are watching this program.  Because when I get through with you in that steel cage, you will have to have dental records to figure out if you really are who you say you are!!” growled Toni as she put her arm around Betty’s shoulders.  “Betty Niccoli will not even have to worry about you trying to get her US ladies championship belt after next Saturday night at the Kiel Auditorium!! I hear tickets are going fast just for the Main event, well, this match is a MAIN EVENT, anywhere in the country and I’m going to make sure it will be YOUR LAST MATCH…EVER!!” yelled Toni as Betty clapped approvingly.  They walked out of the interview area and just then, she got a call from the promoter. 
    Dixie signed the contract, it was a “bounty hunter match” which meant anything goes, use of anything in the ring, or what you brought to the ring was legal, the referee would only count to 10 to prove that the wrestler was knocked out and unconscious.  Many men wrestled in this type of match but it was rare that two professional women wrestlers would be in a steel cage and battle in one of the most well known bloody wrestling matches.  Toni Rose was a winner of “QUEEN OF THE CAGE” match when she beat Vicki Williams badly in that cage.  Vicki was carried out on a stretcher as Toni taunted her when she was being helped  by the medical staff at ringside.
    Toni was on her way to the ring as she ignored the crowd, she was wearing her pink wrestling jacket that had “TONI ROSE, QUEEN OF THE CAGE” on the back of it, and a crown above the letter T.  She was being followed by Betty Niccoli who was in her street clothes but with the U.S. Ladies championship belt over her shoulder. Dixie was then introduced in her stars and bars one piece and rebel flag wrestling jacket waving to her fans and avoided walking by Betty who was eyeing her evilly.  Toni was already in the ring and Dixie climbed into the ring.  As Dixie climbed in, Betty shoved Dixie through the ropes and Toni rushed at Dixie as Betty shoved Dixie into the steel cage!!  Toni grabs Dixie by the hair and drags her into the middle of the ring and starts to hammer Dixie into the head and neck.  She rips the jacket off of Dixie and takes her over to the ropes.
    Toni toyed with Dixie for over 10 minutes as she worked over Dixie with many legal and illegal moves.  Dixie’s forehead was busted open when Toni dragged her face across the steel cage!  Toni grabbed Dixie by the hair, and using her foreign object she drove it into the throat of Dixie, sending her down to her knees.  Dixie is gasping for air as Toni grabs her arm and raises it and kicks Dixie in the ribs.

    Betty stands outside the ring cage and applauds as she watches Toni Rose be her brutal self in the wrestling ring.   Betty wasn’t in wrestling attire but she was very close to the ring with her US ladies championship belt over her shoulder, making sure Dixie saw who had it!  Toni leaned through the cage and Betty handed her a set of brass knuckles.  Dixie is stuck in the corner as Toni uses the ropes to choke Dixie viciously as she hides her ability to put the brass knucks on her fists.  Toni pulls Dixie up by the hair, climbs up to the second turnbuckle and grabbing a handful of hair, Toni rams those brass knucked fists into the forehead of Dixie!!  The crowd starts to cheer Dixie on as Betty claps approvingly as Toni is out to put Dixie out of wrestling.
    Toni jumps down and sees Dixie’s face is a mass of crimson.  Dixie staggers out of the corner and falls to the mat.  Toni laughs as she flexes her bicep and then climbs to the top turnbuckle, raising her brass knuckled fist!!  Betty claps approvingly as she watches Toni about to finish off Dixie.  Toni jumps off the turnbuckle and is about to drive that fist into the face of Dixie, grinning as she knows she will collect a lot of  money.  Toni jumps and as she comes closer, that brass knucked fist coming into its range, Dixie moves out of the way, causing Toni to ram that fist into the mat!!  Toni screams in pain, grabbing her hand!! 
    Dixie grabs the brass knuckles and quickly puts them on and jumps on Toni Rose!!  She starts to hammer away on Toni and her face and chest.  Blood starts to flow from Toni’s forehead as the crowd goes wild and cheers for Dixie to finish her off!!  Betty is beside herself and yells for the referee to disqualify Dixie!! 
    “YOU ARE DEAD, BITCH!! YOU GET IN THE RING WITH THE GREAT BETTY NICCOLI, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE THE MATCH!!! YOU HEAR ME!! YOU HEAR ME!!?”, yells Betty as she shakes the steel cage as Dixie keeps up the pounding of that bloody cut over Toni Rose’s forehead. Dixie pulls Toni up and pulls her to the middle of the ring.  Toni stands, she wavers back and forth as Dixie winds up and drives a brass knucked fist to the jaw of Toni Rose.   Toni falls to the mat, her face bloodied from the vicious blows from the brass knucked Dixie. Dixie falls against the ropes as Betty tries to reach through the cage and grab at Dixie’s ankles.
    The referee counts 8...9...10!!!  The bell rings as Toni Rose is knocked out!  The crowd goes wild as Dixie raises her arms and turns to Betty Niccoli and motions that the US title belt will be around Dixie’s waist very soon.   Betty Niccoli is livid!! She wants to get into the steel cage but is blocked by security as Dixie laughs as she walks out of the steel cage, barely under her own power!
    The next day was the day of the signing for the US Ladies Pro wrestling championship, which would be held next week at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis.  Betty was in her wrestling outfit and so was Dixie.  Dixie was worse for wear as she had a bandage over her left eye and forehead, a casualty of the beating she got from Toni Rose.  Betty laughed and said, “When I’m through with you Dixie, you will look a whole lot worse, I guarantee it!!”

    The next week was a very exciting one.  It was a sellout crowd, and many were talking about how Betty Niccoli was out to end Dazzling Dixie’s wrestling career and hold onto her US ladies belt.   The girls match was next and Betty Niccoli was on her way down to the ring as Dixie had already been introduced.  The crowd booed Betty as she ignored the crowd and watched Dixie in the wrestling ring.  Betty walked up to the ring, climbed in and went right to the center of the ring.  Dixie walked up as the referee greeted the girl wrestlers.
    Betty, grabbing Dixie, delivers a head butt to Dixie’s forehead and forces her back into the corner as the referee yells for the bell.   This US Ladies title bout is now underway and it is a falls count anywhere match!!  Betty is in black and gold trim and her black patent leather wrestling boots, glisten in the ring lights as she attacks the rebel flagged one piece suited, and rebel flagged wrestling booted Dixie!!
    Betty starts driving her well known left fist into the chest and stomach of Dixie in the corner.  She holds Dixie’s head back and drives that left fist into Dixie’s jaw, sending her into a dazed look.   Betty pulls Dixie out of the corner and puts her into a tight headlock.  Betty winds that left fist and puts it into a karate thrust right into the throat of Dixie.  Dixie falls to her knees as Betty quickly grabs her by the hair and lifts her up, putting her into a tight headlock again and repeats the vicious move.
    Betty lifts Dixie up by the hair and runs her through the first and second ropes and causes Dixie to land outside the ring!!  The crowd is displeased with Betty Niccoli as she quickly climbs out of the ring and goes right after Dixie.  Betty delivers a boot to the head of Dixie.  Betty finds an electrical cord under the ring and grabs it and wraps it around Dixie’s neck, smiling as Dixie gasps for air.  Dixie struggles as Betty trash talks her.  “Welcome to REAL PRO WRESTLING!!” giggles Betty as she taunts her new arch rival.   Betty pulls Dixie up to her knees as the wrestling magazines flash pictures of a smiling Betty and a grimacing Dixie.
    Dixie is lifted off her knees and grabbed by the arm, and ran towards the ring post.  But as Betty is about to release Dixie headfirst into the ring post, Dixie reverses it and causes Betty’s shoulder to hit the ring post!  The crowd goes wild as Dixie tries to recover from the earlier beating from Betty Niccoli.
    Dixie pulls Betty up by the hair and tosses her up against the guardrail.  Betty takes the full brunt of the guardrail to her lower back and grimaces in pain.  Dixie walks up to Betty, but not being careful of the cunning US champion, Dixie is met by a boot to the stomach.   Betty pulls herself up and drives a karate thrust to the throat of Dixie, causing Dixie fall to the floor. Betty raises her boot and drives it flat onto the throat of Dixie, causing more pain and punishment.
    Betty pulled Dixie up by the hair and dragged her to the back of the arena.  Dixie followed along as Betty rammed her head into the ladies bathroom door.  Dixie fell into the restroom as Betty pulled her up by the arm and scooped her up and body slammed her into the doorway edge.   Betty then delivers a crushing backbreaker that caused Dixie to convulse and scream in pain.
    Betty grins as she delivers more pain and picks up Dixie by the hair.  She rushes Dixie over to a stretcher and says, “I have the perfect place for you tonight, bitch!! THE HOSPITAL!!”
    But as Betty drags Dixie over to the stretcher, Dixie grabs Betty by the hair and shoves her head first into the concrete wall, busting a cut over the forehead wide open!!  Blood begins to flow as Betty falls next to the stretcher!! Dixie staggers up and pulls Betty up by the arm and scoops her up and body slams Betty onto the stretcher.   Dixie runs towards a dumpster and slams the stretcher into the dumpster, causing Betty’s head to slam against the dumpster edge.  She falls off the stretcher and is writhing in pain. 
    Dixie pulls Betty up by the hair, but doesn’t see Betty grab a sharp object off the stretcher. Betty hides it as Dixie is about to pick her up and body slam her to the concrete floor.  But as she does this, Betty grabs Dixie by the hair and rams that rod into the back of the head of Dixie, making her fall to the floor.  Betty falls also, but gets up and pulls Dixie up by the hair, growling through her blood stained face, she starts jabbing the sharp side of the rod into the forehead of Dixie!!
    Betty is becoming a crazed woman wrestler as her eyes go evil as she spikes Dixie over and over and over with that foreign object. Dixie’s hand starts to get covered in her own blood as Betty is being relentless in the punishment of Dixie!  Both girls get up and stagger back to the door to the arena.  Betty is able to grab a handful of hair and ram Dixie’s head into the edge of the door.  Dixie falls to the floor as Betty, breathing heavily, delivers a boot to the head of a bleeding Dixie.  Betty pulls Dixie up and pulls her back into the arena area, banging Dixie’s head into the door.
    Dixie is taking a beating from Betty Niccoli as Betty is still delivering punishment to her rival. Betty walks over to a fan’s chair, shoving the fan out of her chair and grabbing it, closing it as she walks back over to the fallen Dixie. Betty gives an evil grin as she raises the chair and is about to smack Dixie into the head with that chair, but Dixie meets Betty with a boot to the stomach, causing Betty to drop the chair. The crowd cheers as Dixie grabs the chair and Betty by the hair and drags both to the ring.  Dixie drops the chair and then lifts Betty upside down and puts Betty’s head between her legs and delivers a neck crushing piledriver to Betty Niccoli as the crowd cheers approvingly.
    Dixie then gets up and grabs Betty’s legs.  She sets Betty Niccoli for a monkey flip right into the ring apron!! Betty’s head lands right onto the ring apron and causes her to fall back to the concrete floor.  Both girls are beaten and bloody as Dixie is moving slowly over to Betty.  Dixie delivers a boot to the head of Betty as she leans into the ring apron, delivering 2 boots, 3 boots, 4 boot shots to the head of the champion.
    Dixie throws Betty into the ring.  Betty rolls into the ring, bleeding badly as she struggles to get up.  Dixie staggers into the ring, and jumps on Betty for a pin attempt.  The referee slaps the mat, 1...2..., but Betty is able to poke Dixie in the eye and escape the pin attempt. Betty struggles to get up as Dixie is blinded by the champion.  Betty grabs Dixie by the hair and puts her neck on the bottom ring rope.  She puts a knee into the back of that knee, choking Dixie viciously.   “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!! KILL YOU!!” yells Betty as she is trying to keep her US ladies title belt.
    Betty growls at Dixie as she pulls her up by the hair and arm and tosses Dixie into the ring ropes.  As Dixie bounces off the ropes, Betty scoops her up and viciously power slams Dixie to the mat!  Betty hooks the leg as Dixie struggles to get free.  But as the referee starts to count, Dixie flips Betty over and hooks both legs as Betty Niccoli tries to scramble out of the hold.  The referee counts, 1...2...3!!!  The crowd jumps for joy as a shocked and bloody faced Betty Niccoli screams at the referee, “SHE HAD MY TIGHTS!! SHE HAD MY TIGHTS!!”
    Dixie starts to cry as she is handed the United States Womens Professional Wrestling championship belt!!  She holds it as she goes to a corner, blood still streaming down her face.  The announcer screams, “HERE IS YOUR WINNER AND NEWWWWWW  UNITED STATES WOMENS CHAMPION…DAZZZLING DIXIEEEE!!!” Betty gets up and starts going after Dixie.  “THIS ISNT OVER BITCH, THIS IS FAR FROM OVER!! THERE IS GOING TO BE A REMATCH!! A REMATCH!!! I WILL GET MY BELT BACK!!” yells Betty as she is restrained by the referee. Dixie is helped with the belt as it is put around her waist as the cameras flash.  A trickle of blood still rolls down Dixie’s forehead as she smiles and cries happy tears, and being the US champion for the first time in her wrestling career.  Dixie vs. Betty, the saga of two of the best in womens wrestling will go on, forever!!! 

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